Advised PhD

[1] F. SORIA, Axiomatization of V. Youngs fuzzy subsethood measures. Construction from aggregation and implication operators. Other indices, 26/4/2004. Humberto Bustince.
[2] E. BARRENECHEA, Image processing with interval-valued fuzzy sets. Edge detection. Contrast, 30/11/2005. Humberto Bustince.
[3] M. PAGOLA, Representation of uncertainty by interval-valued fuzzy sets. Application to image thresholding, 28/7/2008. Humberto Bustince.
[4] R. ORDUNA, Funciones de Solapamiento y su aplicación a segmentación de imágenes, 15/4/2010. Humberto Bustince, Edurne Barrenechea,
[5] J. SANZ, Fuzzy rule based classification systems using interval-valued fuzzy sets and tuning of ignorance, 15/7/2011. Humberto Bustince, Francisco Herrera, Alberto Fernandez.
[6] M. GALAR, Ensembles of classifiers for multi-class classification problems: One-vs-One, imbalanced data-sets and difficult classes, 18/7/2012. Edurne Barrenechea, Francisco Herrera, Alberto Fernandez.
[7] A. JURIO, Numerical information measures for image processing. Magnification and thresholding, 23/5/2013. Humberto Bustince, Miguel Pagola,
[8] D. PATERNAIN, Optimization of image reduction and restoration algorithms based on penalty functions and aggregation techniques, 31/5/2013. Humberto Bustince, Javier Fernandez, Gleb Beliakov.
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